Alzheimer’s Caregiver

“The Choice of Love”

By Eileen Almeda Haight


The Travel Log of an Amazing Journey


      This story is about two ordinary people who discover that the love and happiness of their life together was not  lost by the "mere intrusion” of Alzheimer disease and death.  


        Eileen shares her time of being a caregiver for Joe, and invites us  to come along on the journey. She introduces us to her Spiritual Guide and shares His Wisdom with us.


        As the story unfolds and challenges arise, we notice there is a Bright Guiding Wisdom lighting Eileen’s path, and we follow.


        Fear, anger, and sorrow, as well as doubt and discomfort, hover around her; endlessly looking for an unlocked door. But for the most part, her intention Turns to the Word Wisdom Instruction of her Spiritual Guide...and she moves on.


        Joe travels through the early, middle; and late stages of his "journey” through Alzheimer‘s Disease to eventually find himself in a nursing home, which in his view appears to be snazzy resort! With great humor he asks Eileen, "Can we afford this?"


        We meet Eileen and Joe's family members who travel with us on the journey, ready and willing to help, carrying with them the burden of their memories.


        ...and then, there is  Ruth.  Ruth, whose husband is a patient at the nursing home, appears and joins us as a fellow passenger on this journey. Ruth is burdened with the baggage of fear, anger  sorrow  and doubt. When Eileen drives to visit Joe, she invites Ruth to ride with her.   There is a picture of Eileen's Spiritual Guide on the dashboard of her car and Ruth asks bluntly, "Who's that guy!"


        This initiates an ongoing conversation between Eileen and Ruth.  Ruth asks all the questions we have been wanting to ask Eileen about her Spiritual Guide.  The conversation is a startling and profound sharing of many large and small miracles, resulting in a positive change in Ruth's view of life.


        There are other folks in our journey that step in to help along the way.  So Eileen is given space to dance and sing with Joe. They laugh  together, draw pictures together, and feel their love grow beyond mere consolation. They learn to Be Love rather than look for love.


                AND THEY TALKED!


        They talked?  Yes, they talked,  of many things, and Eileen shares with us the secrets of how she learned to talk to Joe even when it became impossible for Joe to put a sentence together.


         Even though Joe at times did not seem to be the Joe she married, and even though he mostly spoke in a language all his own,  she discovered he was still there and she could communicate with him.


        They talked about death. Eileen read to him from books her Spiritual Guide had written.  Before Joe died, he profoundly understood that "We are more than what we look like, and the part of us that is Real does not die."


When Joe's time came he was prepared, and  he slipped away as softly and easefully as one can fall into a deep dreamless sleep. His face was beautifully calm ...even young looking ...and the room was filled with Brightness. He seemed to be dissolving in Light.


        Several months later, Eileen traveled half way around the world to a remote island to spend time with her Spiritual Guide who she refers to as Spiritual Master. She asks Him a question about death and dying and shares His Response in the Epilogue.


        She also shares with us a second  trip she made to the island in in July, 2008.  At that time she was given a private sitting with her Spiritual Master three months before He transitioned from this realm.


        We invite you to take this journey through Eileen's book and discover that even when one is faced with extreme difficulty, one can "Choose to be Happy”.


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“Alzheimer’s Caregiver”

“The Choice of Love”

By Eileen A. Haight

Alzheimer’s Caregiver

“The Choice of Love”

By Eileen Almeda Haight

This is a “must read” for those whose loved one is undergoing the ordeal of Alzheimer’s disease or other end of life circumstances.  

This book is a saga of love, caring, devotion, healing, wisdom and transformation.



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